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Turnbulls Mazda

Mazda Business Awards

We understand that smart business decisions are about taking risks that pay off. That is the approach that Mazda takes with its cars, breaking new ground and pushing boundaries to create better and better vehicles. It has won many prestigious awards that prove how effective innovations such as its SKYACTIV Technology really is.

SKYACTIV Technology 

What Car? Car of the Year 2013

What Car? presented Mazda with the ‘Ultra Low Carbon Award’ for its groundbreaking SKYACTIV Technology, saying it “shows how a radical rethink can deliver real gains without resorting to more expensive hybrid and fully electric configurations.”

Fleet World Honours 2012

​Mazda’s innovative SKYACTIV Technology gained the manufacturer the Editor’s Award from Fleet World. The Editor claimed that “SKYACTIV [Technology] will give Mazda a renewed vigour in the fleet market”.


Mazda CX-5

Fleet World Honours 2013

As the Mazda CX-5 won the ‘Best Small SUV’ award from Fleet World, the judging panel Chairman commented: “the CX-5 shows that an SUV can be efficient with low CO2, and still have the benefit of four-wheel drive.”​

What Car? Car of the Year 2015

The Mazda CX-5 won Car of the Year 2015 in the ‘Best large SUV under £25,000’ category at the What Car? Awards. What Car? said the Mazda CX-5 has “one of the best four-cylinder diesel engines we’ve tried”.


Fleet World Honours 2013

Awarded the winner of the ‘Best Upper Medium’ category by Fleet World. The judging panel Chairman declared the Mazda6 “an extremely fine business car”.

Fleet News Awards 2013

The luxurious Mazda6 also won the ‘Best Upper Medium Car’ award from industry experts Fleet News, who noted the car’s “excellent, highly efficient petrol and diesel engines”.

Fleet Press Reviews: What are the fleet press saying about the Mazda6?

Fleet World: "Mazda has worked hard to edge itself to the top of the class on efficiency without losing the driver appeal of its flagship, and it shows in almost every detail."

Business Car Magazine: "Following in the footsteps of its predecessors the Mazda6 is the driver's choice in this class, with sharp, engaging handling."

Fleet News: "Few new cars bring something genuinely different to the market that rewrites the rules of the game. But the latest Mazda6 would appear to do just that."